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Overwatch Uprising - Cute Double-Sided Acrylic Charm Keychains [5-6 cm]

  • Cute "Chibi" version of the Overwatch Heroes from the Uprising Event in their young skins, which include Captain Amari (Ana), Combat Medic Ziegler (Mercy), Lieutenant Wilhelm (Reinhardt), Strike Commander Morrison (Soldier: 76), Chief Engineer Lindholm (Torbjorn), Blackwatch Genji, Blackwatch McCree, Gabriel Reyes (Reaper), Talon Widowmaker, Cadet Oxton (Tracer)
  • Actual acrylic keychain will not have any watermarks
  • Clear acrylic charm. Double-sided; image is same on front and back
  • Each charm is roughly 5-6 cm/2 inch. Size will vary due to maximizing the largest size each charm can be made based on production specs.
  • Each charm comes attached with a golden colour keychain ring. Perfect for use as keychains, or on lanyards, backpacks, clothing, itabags, etc!

  • For "Pick any 3" or "Pick any 5" option, please write the three or five that you want in a note upon checkout.

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