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Overwatch - Cute Double-Sided Acrylic Charm Keychains [5-6 cm]

  • Cute "Chibi" version of the full cast of Overwatch Heroes (includes Orisa)
  • Actual acrylic keychain will not have any watermarks
  • Clear acrylic charm. Double-sided; image is same on front and back
  • Each charm is roughly 5-6 cm/2 inch. Size will vary due to maximizing the largest size each charm can be made based on production specs.
  • Each charm comes attached with a golden colour keychain ring. Perfect for use as keychains, or on lanyards, backpacks, clothing, itabags, etc!

  • For "Pick any 3" or "Pick any 5" option, please write the three or five that you want in a note upon checkout.


15 USD