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Kodama Forest Spirit Enamel Pin [Studio Ghibli Collection]

Kodama Forest Spirit Enamel Pin [Studio Ghibli Collection]

Carry around the magic of your favourite Ghibli movie with these cute hard enamel pins, so that you can have a stylish shiny piece of art to show off wherever you go! This hard enamel pin of a Kodama (Forest Spirit) from Princess Mononoke comes in the perfect size for decorate your jacket, bag, lanyard, hat, and pin collection board. This pin come with two pin backs with rubber clutches to stay securely in place. For an extra secure lock, add a deluxe locking pin back. 
  • Hard enamel pin 
  • Plating: Gold
  • Two pin backs, with black rubber clutches
  • Size: Approx. 1.25 x 1.5 inches (32 x 35 mm)

Pin Grade Guide:

Standard grade (A Grade): Highest grade I offer. Free of noticeable enamel flaws, or metal plating defects.

Almost Standard grade (B+ Grade): Meant to be worn. Free of major defects but may have very minor or tiny specs or imperfections like small air bubbles in the enamel, small scratches, small places of low enamel fill, specs in enamel, small plating defects at the edges, etc. These imperfections are only noticeable when pin is inspected closely. Most errors in this grade would not bother the casual collector. But if you are more picky about the quality, I recommend you purchase Standard grade.

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